The most important

relationship you will ever have, is your relationship with yourself

You’re ready to accept and love your appearance

You’re currently…

  • Sick and tired of disliking your body
  • Bored with criticising your body
  • Exhausted by always comparing yourself
  • Fed up with not wanting to be in photos
  • Over feeling self-conscious 
  • Done with feeling like crap when you go clothes shopping
  • Wanting to escape the endless cycle of feeling bad about your appearance
  • Ready to jump off the beauty and diet industry treadmill

When you’re Body confident…

  • You’re totally fine with what you see in the mirror
  • You celebrate yourself
  • You don’t feel the need to compare yourself
  • You’re ok with the fact your body is going to change 
  • You’ve the confidence to wear what you want 
  • You’ve way more headspace for the things you love
  • You’ve the confidence to be a badass at your achieving your goals
  • You feel amazing 

Treat yourself, you deserve this!


Buy yourself the flowers, eat the cake, and start loving yourself. You should feel fantastic, be a badass in life, and break free from what’s been holding you back. You deserve to be body confident. You deserve to enjoy your life. You deserve it all!

Imagine loving your appearance, wearing whatever you want, and having fun while trying on clothes. You can live a life where you feel comfortable both in and out of clothes.

You don’t have to put off living your life until you are the “right size” or “look the right way”. You CAN feel incredible in your own skin. And most importantly, you don’t have to do this alone.


One-on-one coaching

Shush that inner critic and boost your self-esteem with one-on-one weekly sessions via video calls. You’ll choose between 60-minute or 90-minute sessions

Body confidence workshops

Book a body confidence-boosting workshop! Some of the favourites include: ‘Confidence is Sexy’, ‘Confidence is Badass’, and ‘Confidence is your best bikini’.

A workshop can be created to suit your specific needs. Join the mailing list to hear about upcoming workshops  HERE

Confidence Boosting Courses

Do you or your work team need to boost their confidence quickly? Book your team a training day on how to boost their confidence so they can successfully pitch, public speak, network, and more.

Want to join an online course now? Sign up to Confidence is Sexy.

Everyday I used to compare myself to people on Instagram and then in real life I would look for other people’s faults to make myself feel better. I didn’t like the person I’d become. Cliona helped me to see that I didn’t need to do any of those things anymore.

Christine, US

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