Be Body Confident

Find the right body image boosting programme for you

My mission is to help as many people with their body image as possible. Below you’ll find the 3 packages I offer and you can choose which one is best suited for you or your families needs.

Choose the package for you

Body Positive Parenting

Are you a Mum, are you struggling with your own body image? Do you want to make sure that your child doesn’t grow up to be the same? Then this is for you. Boost you and your child’s body confidence.

Body Confidence Coaching

Not a parent? No problem! Are you critical of what you see in the mirror and feel like your life would be improved if you looked better? Let’s let go of those feelings and boost your Body Confidence.

Body Confident Teens

Do you have a teenager who is struggling with their body image? Why not give them the gift of body confidence so they can grow up to be a confident adult. 

I knew that I had to change something after I overheard my teen daughters talking about how fat they felt. I was in total denial about how my relationship with my body was impacting my girls. Working with Cliona has changed everything. Me and my girls are now closer than ever and even went bikini shopping together!

Christine, US

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