What is Shitspiration? It’s the type of content that you see on social media that is supposed to inspire you to lose weight, buy a product, or do a detox.


Did I create the word “shitspiration”? Yes, yes I did.

We can all follow this kind of content without even realising it. In short, if the content makes you feel bad or like you need to change your body, then it’s shitspiration. Nothing should make you feel bad about yourself in order to “inspire” you to change yourself. Many people share this kind of content without even realising that they are posting things that can be triggering for others.

Maybe you have friends or friends of friends who post about weight loss, diet products, or expensive beauty regimes. Perhaps it doesn’t bother you to see this content, but ask yourself this after a session on Instagram “How do I feel about my body right now? If you felt good before you looked at Insta and feel bad after looking at it… then you need to clean your feed.

All you have to do is remove shitspiration from your feed. Basically, unfollow anything that makes you feel bad. It doesn’t matter if it’s your friend’s friend or your second cousin, UNFOLLOW IT. Be brutal! This is your feed, it should be full of accounts that make you feel good.

But now my feed is looking pretty empty?

Well, now it’s time to start following accounts that make you feel good. Follow body confidence and body positive accounts. Ask your friends for their favourite feel good accounts. Follow art that you like and things that make you laugh. This is your feed, make it your own.

Do you have an account where you post about dieting/detoxing/fitness inspiration/etc. Take a moment to look at the content you are posting and ask yourself why you are posting it. If you are doing it to sell a diet or diet product then shame on you. If you have been doing it without ever really thinking about it too much, then perhaps it’s time to make a change and start posting some feel-good content. Remember, you can be the reason to make someone smile.