Signs that your teen is struggling with their body image

⭐ They spend a lot of time on their appearance e.g. doing their hair and make-up
⭐ They avoid photos
⭐ They make negative comments about their bodies
⭐ They are picky about what they wear and usually want to wear baggy clothes that cover them up
⭐ They’ve made changes to their diet or often talk about how they want to make changes
⭐ They often praise certain body types, compare themselves to others, or say that they wish they looked like someone else
⭐ They are critical of the bodies and appearances of others
⭐ They don’t want to try or do certain activities because of how they look
⭐ They spend lots of time looking in the mirror, taking photos, and looking for imperfections
⭐ They don’t want to leave the house because of how they look

It’s important to remember that teens will often tell their parents out straight that they don’t like their bodies. Sadly, many parents do not actively listen to their children. You would be surprised by the number of parents who’ve reached out to me and sent me messages saying things like- “My daughter is full of herself, she spends hours taking photos of herself and looking in the mirror but refuses to be in any of my photos. She says that she doesn’t like how she looks but she clearly fancies herself”.

☝️ I often get messages like this. The thing is, we all have our blind spots or can badly misjudge a situation.

If your teen is showing any signs of not liking their body then have a chat with them. Actively listen to what they say and leave space for their words to be spoken.

If your teen is struggling with their body image then check out Body Confident Teens.