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Hi, I’m Cliona,

I work with people who want to feel beautiful, shush their inner body critic, and soar their self-esteem.

Make peace with yourself and grab happiness now. Free yourself from comparison, wasting headspace thinking about diets and looks, and not feeling good enough. 

My clients discover the empowerment that comes with having a positive relationship with themselves. They enrich all aspects of their lives including careers and relationships. The discover how to do real self-care, be sexy confident, and wear what they want.  

You got this, I’ll be with you every step of the way.

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“I felt fat and hated parts of my body. The only thing I liked was my hair and eyes. Cliona helped me to change how I saw myself. It didn’t just impact my relationship with me but it improved all aspects of my life. I know walk into work with confidence, my friends say that I’m glowing, and my boyfriend loves that I now see myself that way he sees me.”

Hannah, Canada

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