Story time

You’ve probably heard it before but I’ll say it again for the people in the back: You already have a bikini body, just put a bikini on your body!

I once had a client (we’ll call her Sarah) who dreaded the idea of wearing a bikini and she just couldn’t face doing it. 

Here’s how our convo went:

Cliona- “What will you lose by not wearing the bikini?”

Sarah- “Well, I will miss out on having fun at the beach and then my kids will miss out on having fun with me… so they won’t have good memories of going to the beach as a family”.

Cliona- “How do you think your kids will feel if they see you in your bikini?”

Sarah- “They probably won’t think anything, they will just be happy that we’re at the beach and having fun together”.

Cliona- “What will they think if you don’t wear the bikini?”

Sarah- “I suppose they will think that I’m ashamed and embarrassed of my body and that you need to look a certain way to go to the beach… and that means that my body suitable for a bikini”.

Cliona- “How would you feel if your daughter believed the same thing about her body?”

Sarah- “Distraught! She’s beautiful and I don’t want her to this way about herself!”

Cliona- “So, what do you need to do?”

Sarah- “I need to wear the bikini, for myself, but mostly for her”.

Sarah is choosing to be a role model for her kids. She’s going to show them that they are good enough, their bodies are enough, and all you need to do to have fun at the beach is to show up as you are.

How do you feel about wearing a bikini? What would you do in Sarah’s situation?