Let’s get one thing straight… dieting will not magically transform your life, you gotta love yourself as you are and at any size. Self-acceptance and love are what will transform your life. This article is all about how to stop dieting and start loving yourself instead.


1. Fuck the diet industry

Yeah you heard me, fuck the diet industry. The diet industry is based on making you feel like you’re lacking something and that the answer to what you’re lacking is a diet. Yes, you will lose weight temporarily but at what cost? Diets have a sneaky way of taking over your life, filling up your headspace, and shrinking your life. And diets don’t even work!!! It has been proven countless times that diets make you gain weight. Once you start to eat normally again you often end up gaining back the weight and some extra. Then the diet industry has the cheek to put the blame on you, it was your fault because you didn’t follow the rules (that were designed for you to fail). Then what happens… you end up signing up for a different diet, a BETTER diet… and you start the whole thing all over again.


2. Fat is not a dirty word

The word fat is often thrown around as an insult. I’ve personally been called fat many times. The word used to make my blood chill. I had a fear of it and I physically felt pain when people called me fat. But now that word is neutral to me, it is just an adjective, no different from tall, blue, or soft. We can all internalise fatphobia and create a fear of becoming fat. But there is nothing wrong with gaining weight or fat. No matter what your size, your body deserves to be treated with love and respect, especially from yourself.


3. Gratitude

Take your focus off what you don’t like about your body and place it on gratitude. Your body is incredible! It does so much for you, even when you think or say unkind things about it, your body keeps doing its best. Instead of creating a diet plan, sit down and write a list of reasons why you’re grateful for your body. Number one should be that it is KEEPING YOU ALIVE. Take a few moments and just think about all the great things that your body does for you.


4. Unfollow shitsperation

Unfollow all the diet, fitinspo, and other body negative accounts that you have been following. If it makes you feel bad about your body, unfollow it. Then start following some great body positive accounts instead.


5. Smile like you’re in love with yourself

Instead of allowing your inner critic to demolish you every time you look in the mirror, combat that voice by saying nice things about your body. Instead of thinking “my belly is too big” think “my tummy is lovely and cuddly”. Remember to smile at that beautiful face of yours while you’re at it.


6. Stop body bashing

Stop saying crap about your body when you’re with friends. Drop phrases like “I’m so fat”, “I hate my (insert body part)”, “I wish that I looked like that”, etc. Instead get into the habit of praising yourself and others. Stop ripping on celebs while you are at it and instead get into the habit of praising others for their successes and courage.


7. Throw it out

Get rid of any leaflets and booklets that you have from the diets you did in the past. You don’t want them hanging around as a temptation. Delete whatever you have on your computer. Just say goodbye to it like you would with a shitty ex.


8. Do what you love

Do things because you love doing them, not because you feel like you “have to”. For example, I personally work out because I love working out. It makes me feel strong, empowered, and like a total badass. Replace workouts you don’t like with things that make you feel good. Explore yoga, Pilates, wall climbing, swimming, whatever. Own that movement as something that is for enjoyment and not for weight loss.


9. Forgive yourself

Forgive yourself for ever mistreating your body in the past. You can always start a new relationship with yourself. One where you see all foods as good. One where you eat to nourish yourself. One where you listen to your natural body cues. One where you don’t worry about the calories and points in foods. One where you start to accept your body… and someday… maybe even love it.