Hey Mama, I see you, when was the last time you took five minutes for yourself or even bought yourself some new knickers? So, what is self-care and why do you need it? Basically, self-care is caring for yourself in the ways that you need to be cared for. It’s making sure that you do the things in life that make you feel good in order to maintain your wellbeing. This could include eating nourishing food, going for a walk, talking to friends, reading, meditation, cleaning your house, etc. It looks and feels different for everyone.

Many of us can live life in a blur and then suddenly realise that we no longer do a lot of things that we love to do. For example, maybe you used to love to be artistic, do yoga, or dance around your home, but you don’t seem to do any of those things anymore. We usually cut out the things we enjoy most when life gets busy. This is ok short term, but long term this can cause some serious stress, burnout, and illness. But don’t worry, I’m here to sort you out and tell you how to make a top-notch self-care plan.

How to make a Mama self-care plan

I give all my clients the same formula and I’m going to give it to you now (you lucky thing you). Grab a piece of paper and create three columns. Your three categories are “Physical, Emotional, Environmental”. In each category, you are going to write down three things you can do to benefit your wellbeing in that area. Pick three things that you can easily and realistically fit into your schedule.



Write down three physical things that you can add to your week. These are things that make you feel good. If you hate running, then don’t write running (even if you feel like that is the kind of thing you should write down). Your lists are only to include things that you LOVE and can actually do.

Here are a few ideas

Eat well


Go for a walk

Stretch every morning

Organise to play sports with my friend/family/kid.

Dance around your home to cheesy music

More baths

Massage your own hands and feet every evening before bed

Paint your nails once a week

Do a facemask

Try doing something different with your hair

Take more breaks



These are things that care for your emotional wellbeing. Consider what makes you feel great and write down three or more things.

Here are some examples

Smile at your reflection

Say positive affirmations

Write in a journal


Seeing friends or family


Being artistic

Hosting a games night

Taking time to daydream every day

Drinking tea and gazing out the window

This category can also include actions such as seeing a life coach, a therapist, etc. Just write down the things that make you feel good and energised.



The environment around you has a massive impact on how you feel. Consider ways in which you can make your environment a nicer place to be, so you feel good when you’re in it.

Here’s some ideas

Clean you home

Make your bed

Deep clean one thing in your home each week

Add some plants or fresh flowers to your home

Clear out and donate any unwanted items in your home

Donate clothes that no longer fit you

Light some candles, incense, or essential oils

Open a window for a few minutes every day

Play relaxing music in your home


What happens next?

Once you have chosen your three actions for each category I want to write down when you can fit these actions into your week. If something seems unrealistic or not manageable then just change it for something else that will work for you.

Here’s an example of a simple three-day self-care plan

Day 1

11.00 Enjoy a herbal tea and daydream

13.30 Go for a short stroll after lunch

20.00 Paint instead of watching tv

Day 2

8.00 Stretch in the morning

13.00 Have lunch with a friend

18.00 Walk home from work

Day 3

8.00 Make my bed and tidy up my home

13.00 Doodle during my lunch break

10.30 Meditate before bed


So that’s how you create a self-care plan. Remember that this is an ongoing thing, so feel free to keep adjusting your self-care plan as your life changes. Maybe add another category or just focus on taking care of the basics. Self-care is about doing what works for you to make you feel good. You deserve it x