Let’s be honest, relationships are the second most important thing in your life. The first is your relationship with yourself. To quote the world-famous Drag Queen, Ru Paul “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”. Loving yourself and soaring your self-esteem is going to transform your relationships. Here are five ways in which your relationships change once you start to feel body confident. 


1. Surrounding yourself with positive people

This one happens all by itself. Positive people are naturally attracted to other positive people. You start releasing happy energy once you start feeling good about yourself and focusing on the positive things in life. This is going to make you insanely attractive to people and not just in the romantic sense. People love being around someone who is confident. And why wouldn’t they? Being around a positive person is a lovely experience. New people will start to naturally gravitate into your life once you start loving you. You may even find that a few negative people seem to disappear all by themselves. Misery loves company but happiness is where the party is at.


2. Speaking kindly to and about others

Body confidence naturally teaches us to speak kindly to ourselves. We begin to be kinder to others when we are kind to ourselves. The more love you have for yourself the more love you can give to others. The same goes for hate. We can be mean and say nasty comments when we dislike ourselves. It’s sad but it’s true. So, feeling love towards yourself is going to help you in your relationships. Expressing compassion, love, and admiration for people is a beautiful thing to do and the people in your life will love you for it.


3. Stop comparing yourself

When you feel great you don’t have time for comparison. You’re happy and grateful for what you have in your life. You know that you aren’t in competition with anyone else. Being body confident transforms you into being a cheerleader for you and your friends. You’ll be cheering on your success and the achievements of the people you love. You’ll also naturally gravitate towards other cheerleaders.


4. Say what you feel and want

Having confidence makes it easier to say no and to express how you’re truly feeling. Being able to say no to people with love and to take care of yourself is a wonderful skill to have under your belt. As you start to love yourself you begin to change what you expect and what you are willing to accept. Your own self-care will become more and more important. And I’m not talking about putting on a facemask and calling it self-care, I’m talking about taking time to look after yourself and do things that are good for your health. This means looking after your emotional and physical health.


5. Setting healthy boundaries

Maybe you have a friend who often talks about people’s appearances or a relative that makes comments about your weight. Either way, being able to set healthy boundaries is important for your own wellbeing. Learning to define and communicate your boundaries can transform your relationships. People cannot respect our boundaries until they can see where we have drawn the line. So next time your grand aunt passes a remark on your body, you’ll have the skill set to tell her calmly and with love that she’s based your boundaries.


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