Body Confidence

Corporate workshops and coaching

Boost individual’s self-esteem to create a happier work environment

Let me guess, your vision is to have a top talent team as part of a thriving company. A team full of engaged employees who are self-driven, productive, creative, and high-energy advocates for the company. You want to show your core values and create an impact that builds a work culture that enthusiastically pushes itself forward.

Your company wants to be known as the thriving company I just described, the one that’s the first-choice employer for top talent because of your incredible work environment, work-life balance, and inclusion. But… here’s the problem… you’re not attracting them, or if you do, you can’t seem to keep them for very long. 

Your reality is:

  • Employees who have the know-how and talent but lack confidence and self-drive
  • A lackluster morale and productivity that leads to show-up and shuffle type of employees
  • A disconnect between your written company values & culture and what actually happens in the office
  • Absenteeism both physically and mentally

And I’m sure you’ve tried all the usual stuff like team building, a stress management workshop, maybe even a few yoga classes — but it doesn’t seem to have made a difference.

Maybe you’re the person in your company who is responsible for wellbeing and/or professional development and you’re feeling lost on how to actually make an impactful change and show results for your work. You’ve tried motivating your people to be game-changers and innovators in their work but right now, the skills your people built aren’t sticking; they slide back into the same behavior and their moods stay the same.

You’re trying to do all the right things, but all the stress management Lunch n’ Learns and yoga classes in the world won’t get you the results you want.

You’ve tried everything so let’s try something different!

Hi, I’m Cliona Byrne

I help companies to boost their employee’s body confidence so they can create a thriving team of confident self-driven workers. I know how poor body image impacts workers because it held me back in my own career. It prevented me from sharing ideas and feeling comfortable when presenting. My well-being kept getting worse and worse. I worked in a creative field but my mind was completely consumed with how I felt about myself that it left little room for creativity. You see, we can only be creative when we feel free to be and express ourselves. Workers who don’t like themselves are more likely to feel underappreciated and even victimised in their work based on their own negative narrative that they listen to on a daily basis.

When I didn’t like how I looked, I desperately wanted those feelings to go away. I was tired of them showing up in all areas of my life including my relationships and my career.  It turns out that the solution isn’t changing how you look (or obsessing over what you should eat for lunch) but fixing your relationship with yourself. I’m a qualified coach and I’ve been through it myself, so you’re in safe hands and I can help your team to reach their full potential.

I work as a Wellness Manager and Cliona’s workshops are the best I have come by. I won’t lie, I was a little dubious at first on how body confidence could help my colleagues until I realised that it impacts every part of their lives! The change in our team has been overwhelming and they loved Cliona’s workshops 

Sandra, UK

Corporate Workshops

Below are the 3 corporate body confidence workshops I provide. All workshops can be tailored to your team’s needs and are delivered via Zoom.  You can choose to focus on your team’s body image or if they are parents then you can choose to focus on the body image of their kids/teens (Pssst, these workshops still focus on your team’s body image but in an indirect way which may suit your team better).

Body Image

Set your team up with a workshop via Zoom on how they can boost their body image so they be confident in themselves, their careers, and relationships

Body Positive Parenting

Provide the parents in your company with a workshop on how they can raise their kids to be body confident and create a positive family culture that welcomes body diversity

Body Confident Teens

Care for the teens of your employees by providing a workshop on how parents can navigate boosting their teens body image in a world of filters and social media 

How it works


– All you have to do is get in contact with me to get the ball rolling, but before that, here’s some extra important info:

Workshops are available– Monday- Friday via Zoom

Suitability– For all employees of all genders and ages. The workshops on kids and teens’ body image are suitable for anyone who has kids/teens in their lives including parents/grandparents/aunts & uncles/close family friends/etc

Social responsibility– The workshops provided help care for your team’s well-being both in and out of the workplace


    Number of folks– unlimited. This can be suitable for a small or big group. I’ve done workshops for groups as small as 5 and as large as 2k+

    Price of a workshop includes all the prep work, meetings, etc. Contact me for a quote.

    Yes, you can record the workshop!

    Yes, the workshops can be modified to your needs!

    Yes, if you have a well-being benefits plan for your team then you can add my 1:1 packages to your catalogue of services (keep reading to find out more about that)

    I pushed for our benefits team to have Cliona come to our company for a workshop and I’m thrilled that I did! I was sick and tired of listening to people moan about their weight and appearances and how that criticism was impacting our team. Cliona’s workshop was a turning point and helped us to create an office culture that was inclusive and made everyone feel good about themselves.

    Sophie, Ireland

    What are the benefits?

    Who has the best chance of success with these workshops? YOU! If…

    • You are ready to try something new that will benefit your team’s well-being and work performance
    • Your team need a boost and you’ve already tried all the standard stuff like stress manangement and yoga but it hasn’t got you anywhere
    • You can carve out 60 minutes for a workshop
    • You want to provide your team with something new and interesting

    Who may not find success with this workshop? You, if…

    • You’re not motivated to boost your team’s self-belief and confidence in order to have a self-driven team
    • You’d prefer to keep a toxic work environment because you prefer “the devil you know” and don’t want to go outside of your comfort zone
    • You’re too lazy to book something other than the same old workshops you book every year
    • You don’t want your company to attract top-talent

    Cliona gave our company a workshop on Body Positive Parenting and it was handsdown the best corporate well-being workshop I have ever atteneded. Everyone was still talking about it weeks afterwards and my boss congratulated me multiple times on asking her to work with us. It was so powerful and mind-blowing. We’ve already booked in another workshop with Cliona and we’ll be adding her coaching packages to our benefits catalogue for employees.

    Jackie, US

    kind words

    Care for the well-being of your team by adding 1:1 body confidence coaching as one of their benefit options

    Add Body Confidence Coaching as a benefit for your employees. Allow them to use their well-being allowance on any of the coaching packages below.

    Body Confidence

    This package is for anyone who wants to boost their body image

    Body Positive Parenting

    This package is suitable for your team members who are parents

    Body Confident Teens

    This package provides 1:1 coaching for your employee’s teen