Body Positive Parenting 

Boost your body image and raise body confident badasses

Hey Mama, this page has everything you need to know about Body Positive Parenting (all the details, duration, price, etc. It’s all below). But before we get to that, let me just say – I know that you’re more drained than a toddler who hasn’t napped. You’re fed-up with how you look, you’re hangry from your latest carb-free diet, and you just want to be at that place where you actually like what you see in the mirror. It hurts, this isn’t who you thought you would be as a full-grown adult. You want to feel beautiful but right now you don’t even recognise yourself in photos (when you are occasionally actually in one). You’re putting your heart and soul into trying to improve your appearance… but no matter what you do, how you feel never seems to change (in the long term). You know that you need to do something about all these nasty feels.

For you. For your kids.

You want to make your kids proud


You want to feel that shiny, happy life you’ve been told exists once you get slimmer/toned/or mega stylish. You want to go swimming with the kids (maybe even in a bikini), be in the family photos, and actually buy yourself some nice new clothes (I see those old worn-out panties with no elastic left in them). You want to like your body, be a body confident Mum and make sure that your kids never feel about themselves the way you feel about your body. Not even for one second!

You’re wondering how to kick the “I don’t like how I look” habit that has lasted most of your lifetime.

I see you, you’ve literally tried to shake off all of those nasty feelings of feeling unattractive and frumpy (at that one Zumba class that your friend dragged you to). You’ve tried all the sugar/fat/carb-free diets, you’ve even tried the diets that were not diets but a way of life, and you’ve bought the work out gear and used it a few times (now you wear those leggings while doing your food shop). You’ve spent hours googling for the answers and asking your friends, family, and mum groups for the secret on how to look like an insta fitness influencer. They’ve all just suggested the same things: a new diet/workout plan/let’s do it together plan.

And while you’re talking smack about your body and eating a different meal from your kids — they are there. And your kids are seeing and hearing all of it.

Your life is passing you by as you wait to look better

I’ve worked with Mums from all over the world  all shapes and sizes  to like what they see in the mirror, let go of their old body beliefs, and raise their kid(s) to be epically self-assured. I’m here to help you create the relationship with yourself that you want and turn you into the parent who makes their kid(s) feel good about themselves. That’s why I created Body Positive Parenting — to do something about all these nasty feels.

Hi, I’m Cliona Byrne

I help Mums to like their bodies so they can make sure that their kids never feel the pain of not liking what they see in the mirror. When I didn’t like how I looked, I desperately wanted those feelings to go away, I was even willing to not eat bread in order to make that feeling disappear. Turns out, the answer isn’t living a breadless existence, it’s about fixing your relationship with yourself. I’m a qualified coach and all that jazz so you’re in safe hands, but what REALLY matters is that I’ve been where you are, and I can help you come over to the body confident, bread eating, bikini wearing side.

If you want your kids to have a healthy body image then you NEED to do Body Positive Parenting. I used to be the Mum who was always doing diets and hiding under baggy clothes. My dislike for my body wasn’t just hurting my children’s body image but my husband’s too.  I now like my body, wear what I want, and my kids are so confident in themselves too.

Maebh, Ireland

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Body Positive Parenting

A 5 week 1:1 coaching programme to help you:
  • To shut up your bitchy inner critic and start liking your body, so you can be body confident and actually do the things you want to do like wear what you want, go out more, stop hiding beneath loose tops, and be the Body Confident Mum

  • Get the tricks and tools to stop listening to your bitchy inner critic, comparing yourself to others, and giving a crap about what other people think or say. Instead, boost your body image and learn how to handle unwelcome comments about your body (even from your MIL).

  • Show your kids what being body confident looks like, help your kids to preserve that natural self-love that they were born with, and raise them in a body-positive atmosphere that churns out some seriously self-assured adults.


In our 5 weeks of one-on-one work, you’ll get:
  • A detailed getting to know you form to fill out before we begin
  • 5 x 75 minute long 1:1 session with me (that’s once per week)
  • A 5 week-long Body Confidence Journal
  • A weekly checklist with all my top tips and tricks

Total time commitment: 75 minutes per week

Your investment is only: €1480

Who has the best chance of success with this programme? YOU! If…

  • This is for you if you are ready to start liking how you look (and it’s ok if you still want to lose weight or whatever. I’m here for you, if you want to be judged then you can call Judge Judy.
  • If you want to be the top-notch parent who made their kids feel amazing in their skin and not self-conscious for one second!
  • You can carve out 75-minutes per week for yourself 

Who may not find success with this programme? You, if…

  • You’re not open to changing your beliefs about bodies and aren’t ready to help your kids to be body confident
  • You’re too busy with your kids/dog/family-demands and can’t make yourself a priority for 75 minutes once per week.
  • You really want to live a breadless existence, keep hiding yourself beneath loose maternity tops, and putting yourself last

Programme breakdown

Week 1: Now you, New you

We’ll dive into how you feel about your body and what needs to change. We’ll let go of your old body beliefs and put them in the bin (KonMari-style but way more ruthless). 

Week 2: Shit, I’m kinda amazing

Ok, ok, we know what you don’t like… but let’s figure out what you do like. This week, we’re focusing on what makes you so flabbergastingly fabulous. We’ll start to retrain your mind to focus on the good rather than the muffin top.

Week 3: Shit, everyone else is kinda amazing too!

Let’s look outside yourself and figure out what makes everyone else so wonderful. Let’s start appreciating people for their non-appearance-based qualities so you can start appreciating the same things in yourself. Wholesome!

Week 4: Dear younger self, you’re really great

We’ll be looking at your past self and healing those open wounds. We’ll also be placing a focus on your kid(s) and what they need from you to boost their body confidence.

Week 5: Sweet, sweet change

Let’s focus on self-care and lasting change. You’ll have the tools, tricks, and have worked through your mindset shit. You’ll be feeling ready to be the cool parent who raises their kids to like their minds and bodies.

I wasted years not liking my body. I’ve watched my mother and grandmother spend their entire lives not liking their bodies. Cliona helped me to break the cycle. I now love myself for who I am and I’m proud to say that I’m helping my daughter to be the same

Sarah, Scotland

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Body Positive Parenting


I still want to lose weight/tone up/have Rapunzel style hair, is this programme for me?

Yes Mamma, it is for you. If you still feel like you need to lose weight or whatever to be comfortable with yourself, then that’s fine, no judgment here. 

I’m so busy, will I have time for this?

Let me ask you this — how much time and energy do you currently spend on not liking your body? And how much is it costing you? Finically, mentally, and emotionally. There is no good time to take the chance and dive in and you’ll always find a reason not to do it— you have to decide that you want it badly enough, and then GO for it. How much more of your life are you willing to spend not liking your body? How much do you want your kids to grow up to be body confident? And I know you are tired of waiting to look different so you can live the life you want. The fact that you are here tells me you are ready (even if it’s scary!).

I’ve tried everything, how do I know this is going to work for me?

If you have tried everything, that tells me that you’re more ready than ever. It also tells me that those other things have not really gotten you to where you want to be. All the other stuff focused on a symptom of the problem (like getting a flatter tum), but we’re going to focus on that big old root. Everything else you tried has focused on appearances, but it means nothing if you can’t like yourself without changing yourself. If you’re stuck on ‘but I need to change how I look first’, then I am your woman. I have been there, and I have helped lots of other Mums who were exactly where you are now.

I didn’t like my body at all and had a lot of negative thoughts about it. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t project all of my insecurities onto my children. I was very surprised during some of the exercises Cliona gave and how my children actually saw and felt about themselves. That was a real eye-opener. We now say positive things about each other as well as others and find our strengths to build our confidence. Cliona is truly a pleasant, smiling, and awesome woman and I left every session with a smile on my face and a good feeling about the week to come. I loved that Cliona always had an idea on how to approach different issues.

Heidi, Denmark

I was worried that my daughter might one day be bullied because of her shape. I wanted to make sure she would keep being happy in her body and keep her body confidence. It was a pleasure working with Cliona, I really enjoyed our sessions. Cliona just radiates body positivity which is infectious and she is so knowledgeable about the subject and had (good) answers to all my questions. I feel so much better prepared to help my daughter feel positive about her body and as a side effect help myself with mine too. Thank you Cliona

Juliane, Germany

I’d gained a lot of weight post-baby and with the lockdown my confidence had taken quite the bashing. Since working with Cliona I’ve gained a clear vision of how to get out of my negative cycle. Realising how my negative attitude towards myself can and will impact my daughter has pushed me to change old habits. I’ve developed healthier habits with my daughter like smiling in the mirror with each other. I’ve organised and cleared my wardrobe out which has had such a huge impact on my motivation in general… just getting dressed in the morning is so much easier when I’m not staring at everything that no longer fits me!! I appreciate my achievements more and generally have a more positive outlook. 

Linda, England

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