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Raise body

confident badasses

Hey Mama, you love your kids — and you want them to grow up to be happy body confident adults. Body Positive Parenting is for Mums who want to like their bodies and raise their kids to be body confident

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Hey Mama!

Hi, I’m Cliona,

Hey, I’m Cliona Byrne, I help Mums like you to accept and love your body so you can raise your kids to be little body confident badasses. 

Let me guess, not liking your body is seriously weighing on you. The more you think about what you should be doing to look better, the worse you feel. You want to lose the muffin top, tone up that soft post-pregnancy tummy, and start feeling like a yummy mummy. You’ve been putting off going to the beach, buying new clothes, and taking family photos until you look right. You hide in leggings and big tops while you cross your fingers and hope to someday fit into your old skinny jeans. But there’s something else that’s niggling you… 

You don’t want your kids to feel the same way about themselves as you do.

Here’s the truth bomb

I’m a certified coach and I’ve worked with people from all over the world. Every single person I have worked with has a similar story. You were born with not one negative feeling about your body. Not one! You proudly came into this world butt naked and as a toddler, you freely ran around naked after bath time. But somewhere between happily playing with lego to growing hair (in places where hair hadn’t been before), you started to not like your body. So what happened? 

We all learn our beliefs on how we should look and be from our families

Was your Mum always on a diet, did your family praise slim bodies, did your Grandparent once tell you that you had thick legs (or insert whatever they said that has stuck with you to this VERY DAY)? Your family shared their beliefs, and then the little kid version of you soaked it up like a sponge and looked out into the world to find things to support whether or not those beliefs were true… and then that’s when you noticed the airbrushed people in magazines and the thin chiseled celebs on TV.

You’re parents shaped how you think and feel about bodies.

Now you’re the parent and you can choose whether or not your kids will inherit your body hang-ups.

If you want to start liking your body so you and your kids can be body confident, then let’s work together.

“I felt fat and hated my postpartum belly. I felt heavy and miserable in my body. Cliona helped me to see myself as the yummy mummy that I so desperately wanted to be. I now feel beautiful (even on the morning school run), my friends say that I’m glowing, and my husband and kids love that I now see myself the way they see me.”

Sarah, France

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