Body Confident Teens

A programme for helping your teen with their body image

Hey lovely, this page has everything you need to know about Body Confident Teens (all the details, duration, price, etc. It’s all below). But before we get to that, I just want to say – I know that trying to help your teen with their body image can feel like navigating an emotional minefield. Your heart breaks every time you hear them say that they hate the way they look, want to lose weight, or feel ugly. You can see their inner and outer beauty yet nothing you seem to say or do helps. You don’t even know how this happened or what caused you teen to feel so bad about themselves. You just can’t figure it out. You desperately want to help and connect with them, yet you feel like you’ve lost them beneath layers of baggy clothes and to a Tiktok rabbit hole. But you know that you need to do something quick because you want your child to be happy and confident. You need to say goodbye to that heavy feeling in your heart and the weight in your shoulders. You want to get back to making happy memories together as a family.


It’s impacting the whole family


You want things to be the way they were before, back when your child felt fine in their body. Back when they would allow you to take pictures of them and when you could go shopping together and actually have fun. You want them to love and be grateful for the body you put so much work into raising and keeping alive. You want them to walk through life with confidence and not be held back because they think that they are ugly or the wrong size. You want them to be able to get up in front of a group of people to make a presentation or speech without feeling self-conscious. You want them to have high self-esteem so they choose good friends and a wonderful partner. But most of all, you just want to see them smile again. You want the negative comments they make about their body to stop. You want the air of their negative feelings to be blown out of your home so you can all get back to having fun together.

You never imagined your teen could ever feel this bad in their own skin

Let’s be honest, it hasn’t been easy to make space or time for this when you have kids, pets, parents, spouses, and work competing for your attention. Yet you are here, reading this because you have fears. Maybe your child dislikes their weight and you’ve noticed them weighing themselves and cutting out sweets and you’re worried that this could turn into an eating disorder. Maybe your child hides away from the world under baggy clothes and you’re worried how their negative body image may impact their development and cause future anxiety or depression. All of this is hard and you need some reassurance that your child is going to be ok.

You’ve been waiting to find the right solution, all the while, the problem has been snowballing and your teen seems to feel worse and worse about their appearance.

How can I help my teen with their body image?

I know, you’ve probably been googling for an answer on how to help your teen with their body image, posting about it in parenting groups on Facebook, and asking other parents for their thoughts… You’ve received suggestions like give them a make-over/ send them to therapy/ they will grow out of it. Maybe you tried the advice you received but none of it worked because none of it was right for you or your teen. Buying them new cool clothes and having them try a new hobby or sport didn’t improve their body image. It may have improved the situation temporarily but it made no difference overall. You know that these things aren’t working because they weren’t addressing the negative body image head on and sorting out the issues from the source. You’ve tried so hard yet you can’t shake the feeling that if you don’t do something impactful soon that your teen’s poor body image could turn into a more serious problem… 

And what if it is already a more serious problem?

Hi, I’m Cliona Byrne

Hi, I’m Cliona, I’m a body confidence coach and I’ve been helping people (especially mums and teens) from all over the world to be body confident. I’ve helped people to embrass their bodies, transformed mums into body positive parents, and helped teens to be body confident badasses. In short, I know my shit. Back in the day, I was that teen who didn’t like my body. I had a crooked jaw and I was insecure about my curvy body. I hid beneath XL band t-shirts I’d bought at concerts, hated shopping, and avoided photos at all costs. I hated the body I saw in the mirror. I went on my first diet when I was only 12 (Yes, you that read correctly. I was only 12!!!). I’m on a mission to help as many teens as I can because I know how much my poor body image hurt me and how it held me back.  I know how to help your teen to transform their relationship with themselves so they can start accepting the person in the mirror and get back to enjoying their youth.

This was worth every cent! We loved working with Cliona, she’s like a body confident fairy godmother. My daughter was showing some worrying signs. She kept calling herself fugly and refused to eat certains foods like carbs with her dinner. We were getting really worried about her and had no idea how to help. Everything I said or did was wrong and seemed to make the situation worse. I came across Cliona’s work and decided to bite the bullet and sign up. I was a little hesitant at first because it felt like a lot of money but it was worth so much more than I could have ever imagined. My daughter adored her sessions with Cliona and I could see the brightness and happiness come back into her with each session. She’s now so happy and confident in herself and my body image has improved too! Work with Cliona, you won’t regret it!

Siobhan, Northern Ireland

kind words

Body Confident Teens

A 5 week 1:1 coaching programme to help you and your teen:
  • Body confidence Coaching to support your teen on how to accept and like their body
  • The tools your teen needs to not be fazed by negative comments from others or social media
  • Get clear on how to help your teen with their body image so you can support them during their journey
  • Support your teen’s needs in order to repair their relationship with themselves so they can start feeling gratitude and appreciation for themselves.
  • Help your teen to see their inner and outer beauty
  • Relief yourself of the heavy feeling in your heart and the weight on your shoulders from worrying about your teen.
    In our 5 weeks of one-on-one work, you’ll get:
    • A detailed ‘getting to know you’ form to fill out before we begin
    • 2 x 60 minute one-on-one sessions for you (the parent) with me. These will take place at the start and end of our 5 weeks together. During this time I’ll give you all the tricks, tips, and tools you need to help your teen on their journey.
    • 5 x 75 minute sessions for your teen. We’ll work one-on-one together on their body image.
    • Support via email between sessions
    • A body confidence journal for your teen
    • A body positive parenting journal for you

    Your investment is only: €1990

    How does it work??

    Week 1: And I said “Hey, what’s going on?”

    • Our work together starts with you and your teen answering a few pre-session questions in the ‘getting to know you’ form (you both get your own to fill out). 
    • In your session- We’ll dive into what you can do to help your teen during their sessions. We’ll talk a little bit about your own body image and look at ways you can help your teen by making some easy peasy little changes.
    • In your teen’s session- We’ll dive into what’s going on and find out how they are feeling about their body image.
    • This session is really all about getting clear and what is wrong and what we want to change during our future sessions. Everything said between me and your teen will be confidential and it will be up to them if they want to tell you about it.

    Week 2-4: A whole new world

    • During these weeks I’ll be working alone with your teen. We’ll meet via zoom once per week and in each session we’ll work on whatever aspects of their body image is bothering them. 
    • This is unique to each person and we’ll focus on what is most important for your teen. As an example, we might look at how they can stop comparing themselves to people on social media, how to accept their appearance, and how to handle other people’s negative comments.
    • Each week they will leave the session with new activities and enjoyable exercises to help them on their journey.
    • They will also have their body confidence journal to fill out between sessions.

    Week 5: Feeling good as hell (Lizzo style)

    • This week we’ll have your second session. You’ll update me on what has been going well and if you’ve had any struggles you need help with. I’ll provide you with the answers you need and I’ll help you to create lasting changes in your home.
    • You teen will have their last session which will be focused on their self-care and creating lasting positive changes so they can continue on their body image journey.
    • You’ll be provided with the tools to create a self-care plan, how to better communicate with your teen, and how to have a positive impact on their body image.

    Your teen’s relationship with themselves is the most important relationship they will ever have. It’s the foundation for every other relationship in their lives. If they can have a healthy relationship with themselves then they are more likely to succeed in life, have fullfilling relationships, and thrive in their career.

    Who has the best chance of success with this programme? YOU! If…

    • This is for you if you are ready and committed to helping your teen. You are willing to invest in their confidence and future happiness
    • You’re open and willing to make some changes in your life and try thinking in a new way
    • You and your teen can carve time out of your schedules for working on their body image

    Who may not find success with this programme? You, if…

    • You’re not open to changing your beliefs about bodies and aren’t ready to help yourself or your child to be body confident
    • You’re too busy with your kids/dog/family-demands and can’t make your teen a priority
    • You don’t see the value in helping your teen with their body image 

    Body Confident Teens


    How do I know if this is going to work?

    I’ve helped families all over the world and I can help you too. If you want to be the parent who helped their teen with their body image then you are ready for Body Confident teens.

    I’m so busy, will I have time for this?

    I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you. Let me ask you this — do you have time to keep wasting time NOT figuring this out? How old is your teen? (#sorrynotsorry). There is no perfect time to take the chance and dive in — you have to decide that you want to help your teen badly enough, and then GO for it. It’s always going to be scary, weird and new. The fact that you are here tells me you are ready (even if it’s scary! But it won’t be scary because I’m here to guide you through this).

    I’ve tried everything, how do I know this is going to work for me?

    If you have tried everything, that tells me that you’re more ready than ever. It also tells me that those other things have not really gotten down to the root of what is troubling your teen. Think of their body image like a tree. I work on fixing the problem at the roots. Helping your teen with their style or telling them they are beautiful is just tending to the tree’s branches. It might make the situation seem better temporarily but it’s not going to go away.

    Can we continue doing sessions with you after the 5 weeks are up?

    Yes you can if that’s what is best for you and your teen.

    If I ever meet Cliona in person I’m going to give her the biggest hug. She helped my son with his self-worth and he is so confident now. He used to hide away in his room and spend all his time on his gaming laptop. He’s a new person now. He recently gratudated from school and had the confidence to play his guitar and sing a song for the whole school. I’m still shocked at how much he’s changed.

    Jenny, USA

    kind words

    You’re ready for this

    You can be the parent who helped their teen to like their body. You can be the parent who takes pride in your child’s happiness and confidence. You can do this, not just for your teen but for you too.