Join the Body Confidence Flow workshop in Paris, France.

This 2-hour workshop is designed to have you feeling body confident in and out of the yoga studio!

Your body deserves to be loved and feel good! This 2-hour workshop is designed to have you feeling body confident in and out of the yoga studio. Join Tioka Tokedira, yoga teacher and Cliona Byrne, Body Confidence Coach for a Body Confidence Yoga Flow designed for you and your curves. Feel completely at ease, accepted, and fabulous in your body while doing yoga.

Body Confidence

Are you ready to feel body confident in the yoga studio? Yes, you are! Cliona Byrne will take you through easy to do tips and tricks on how to feel confident in your body both in and out of the studio. Stop thinking that yoga isn’t for you and let go of feeling like you need to “look” or “be” a certain way to enjoy the practice. Yoga is body inclusive and ALL bodies are yoga bodies! This workshop is for you if you want to feel good and give your body the love it deserves.

Body Confidence Flow Yoga

During this workshop you’ll explore a yoga flow designed for you and your body. Learn how to make the props and equipment work for you so the practice feels good — or even better than good! Tioka will show you personalized adjustments to adapt the postures in every situation. There will even be a few tips on what you can wear to feel good while doing yoga (from a yoga teacher who has seen it ALL 😉 The yoga session will end with a soothing meditation to reinforce self-love. When you leave, you’ll have what it takes to never feel intimidated by going to yoga class again.

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“I’ve been to several of Cliona’s workshops and they have all been fantastic! Cliona has a special gift to brighten the room and boost everyone’s body confidence. No two workshops are the same!”

Amie, France

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