Hey Mama,

I see you looking in the mirror, sucking in your tummy, telling yourself “I look awful”

— and if I can see you,

so can your kids.

And I know you don’t want them to grow up feeling the same way about their bodies

Cliona Byrne holding a bouquet of flowers in Paris

Hey lovely,

I’m Cliona and I’m going to help you to accept and love your body so you can raise your kids to be little body confident badasses.

You want to like your body

You’ve tried the diets, the fitness regimes, tracking apps, weigh-ins, cutting out bread/sugar/dairy, and not only was it absolutely no fun — it didn’t work (and can I just say that life is too short to not eat carbs?). Sure, maybe you lost weight in the short term but… let’s be honest here: it hasn’t worked in the long term. You keep feeling like you need to change how you look.

But here’s the truth: What you’re currently doing isn’t working because it’s not about how you look, it’s about your relationship with yourself. 

And maybe you still feel like you need to lose weight to be comfortable with yourself. That’s fine, no judgment here. But what if I told you that you could love yourself without having to change yourself… and literally eat your cake while you’re at it!

Your kids come first

You want your kids to like what they see in the mirror, to be strong and confident. You don’t want them to feel the way you do about your appearance. You want them to be proud of you and to say that their parent(s) were amazing and never once made them feel bad about themselves or like they needed to change. 

You don’t want to be the parent who made their child feel like they weren’t good enough or like they needed to be beautiful and slim in order to be worthy. 


 So let me ask you something: How are you going to make your kids feel good about their bodies? 

  • You are your kids biggest influencer (Beyoncé eat your heart out) so start showing them how to love themselves by example
  • You’re going to tell your inner critic to “shut the fuck up” and start treating yourself as well as you treat everyone else
  • You’re going to show up at social events, stop hiding behind your kids/trees/dogs/large handbags in family photos, and start doing fun outdoor activities with the kids (did I hear someone say bikini?)
  • You’re going to be the parent who shows their kids how to be cool and confident in their own skins

I’ve totes McGoats been there

I’ve been where you are. I used to stand in front of the mirror, suck in my tummy, and emotionally beat myself up for how I looked. My bitchy inner critic used to love to tell me that I needed to lose weight.

I’ve since slapped the microphone out of that bitch’s hand. 

I know you understand what I mean when I say that I used to believe that my life would be 10x shinier, happier, and more fabulous once I hit my goal weight. Long story short, that didn’t work (lmao). I also had a crooked bite for the first 20 years of my life. I had to wear a brace for 4 years in my late teens and twenties AND have my jaw broken and realigned (Yay for permanent screws in my face! Boo for metal detectors). As you can imagine, my body confidence wasn’t anywhere near the bikini wearing level it is now. I used to hide from the camera and felt uncomfortable in my body at family gatherings. I was the person who wore black baggy clothes to hide myself and spent the whole time feeling fat.

Cliona Byrne walking and looking over her shoulder to the camera

Little fun facts about Cliona

  • I live in Paris and I speak croissant
  • I love crafting boobie artwork (yay boobs)
  • I’m all about curves, anything carbolicious, and colourful clothes
  • I have a loud dirty laugh (it will make you laugh too)
  • I love to explore and go on long bicycle rides
  • I think that avocados are overrated (sorry, not sorry)
  • If I were an animal I’d be a glamorous hen

Cliona Byrne smiling at the camera

I know my shit

I am a certified coach and I’ve helped families all over the world to break the cycle of children inheriting their parents’ hang-ups and insecurities. 

I know what the root cause is from feeling not-good-enough and wanting to solve it. Did your parents or grandparents ever make you feel bad about your body? Did you grow up listening to your parents talk about diets, looks, or other people’s bodies? Did anyone in your family ever negatively comment on your appearance? 

If yes, then you know that those words and comments left a mark on you. It wasn’t the magazines or media that initially made you feel bad; it was the words of your family that made you feel insecure. You don’t have to repeat this pattern. So, you have a choice: you could wait until you look the “right way”… OR… you can accept yourself as you are and start teaching your kids how to accept their bodies too.

You deserve to feel good

I won’t lie to you, I can still have the occasional day when I don’t feel so hot (like when I feel like a creature on the first day of my period) but now I have the tools to boost myself when that happens. I now accept what I see in the mirror and I don’t feel the need to change myself into someone I’m not. 

I’m in all of the family photos, I wear my bikini to the beach, and I show up in my life (and I look and feel great while doing it!). I’m no longer hiding this sweet bod. I love every curve, stretch mark, and hair around my ankle that I missed while shaving. You don’t have to hide yourself either. 

You can be the parent who shines with confidence and whose children are proud of you. And you can be the parent who does this for your kids so they can grow up to be confident and self-assured adults.