You need to be confident if you want to rock your career. Maybe you’ve never considered this before, but body confidence has a major impact on your career. Confidence sells and people are more likely to listen to someone who speaks with confidence than someone who is lacking in it. Below are seven ways in which body confidence helps you to be a badass at work.


1. Shush your inner critic

Body confidence helps us to shush that inner bitchy critic of yours. Your critic may not just be judging you on your appearance but also in other areas of your life including your career. You know you have a bitchy critic if you often feel like an imposter in work, worry that you weren’t good enough, or convince yourself that everyone else better than you.

Body confidence helps you to contradict that inner critic and show it who’s boss.


2. Focus on your strengths

Body confidence helps you to focus on what you like and love about your body. Your career doesn’t have to be any different. Take some time to note what you’re good at and where your skills shine. Not sure what you’re good at? Ask your friends, colleagues, or boss. Usually, the people around us are better at noticing our skills than we are. Listen to what they say and start to own your skills and talents.


3. Speak kindly to yourself and others

Learning to speak kindly to yourself is body confidence 101. We begin to naturally speak kindly to others when we start being kind to ourselves. Start celebrating your achievements and the achievements of your colleagues. Say when you have done a good job and tell other people when they have done well too. Not only will it make other people feel great, but it will also increase everyone’s attitude. Anyway, who doesn’t love being told when they did a good job?


4. Positive attitude

Your attitude in work is so important, it makes your day smoother and makes it enjoyable for others to work with you. Body confidence comes into play here because feeling great about yourself helps you to have a positive attitude. Feeling positive about yourself aids in feeling positive about your career, relationship, and love life. That good vibes attitude will also help you to believe in yourself. Whether you’re your own boss, manage a team, or work in a team, remember that having a good attitude can transform your day and the day of everyone else around you.


5. Feel good in your skin

Regardless of what you do, feeling good in your skin and feeling confident is guaranteed to help you in your career. If you often make presentations or meet with clients, then feeling good about yourself while you do this is going to benefit you in many ways. You will hold yourself, move, and talk with confidence. You won’t get too caught up in worrying about how you look or what you’re wearing. Feel good and allow your confidence to shine.


6. Enter and exit situations with confidence

Sometimes things can go wrong at work. Maybe you have a huge technical difficulty right as you are supposed to make a presentation or perhaps, you’re running late for a super important interview. Regardless of what goes wrong, feeling confident about your body is going to help you deal with these situations with ease and grace. Rather than getting flustered, you’ll be able to remind yourself that you are perfectly imperfect, and you’ll be able to handle the situation.


7. Take care of yourself

It’s so important to take care of yourself and practice self-care once you’ve finished work. Loving yourself teaches you the importance of doing things for you and caring for you. We can become stressed and, in some cases, even suffer from burnout when we stop caring for ourselves. Doing no self-care leads to stress and stress causes illness. So, loving yourself is not just about accepting your body, it’s about taking care of your wellbeing and health. The healthy and happier you are, the better you can do your job and therefore thrive in your career.

Do you want to boost your career all while feeling great about yourself? Yeah you do!