I didn’t plan on becoming a body confidence coach, it just happened naturally. I had a few major wake-up calls that lead me to work in this field. You see, there was a time when I didn’t like my body. The honest truth is that I had a lot of hang ups. I didn’t love my face or body. I wanted to lose weight from the age of 10 until my mid-twenties. On top of that my bite was crooked which meant that my face was far from symmetrical. I had to wear a brace for 4 years and at the age of 20 I had to have my jaw broken and realigned. (Fun fact, I have permanent screws in my face).

So basically… I spent my teens and early 20s feeling like I wasn’t beautiful. Which of course wasn’t true, I was a little cutie (still am). 

I survived the crooked jaw comments and avoiding photos. In my head it was all ok because someday I would get it fixed and magically transform. But the issue I had with my weight felt suffocating. That was something that I would have to change on my own. From the age of 10 I became aware of my weight. Puberty arrived early and my classmates were quick to call me fat. It was considered good to be thin and bad to be anything else.  I felt like thinness was celebrated everywhere. Even at home, the beautiful curvy ladies in my family were always on diets. 

When I was 20, I went on a huge diet and lost a lot of weight. Later that year I had my jaw realignment surgery. My dreams had come true… but guess what? I didn’t look any different after the operation. My face still looked the exact same and the weight lose didn’t change the way I felt. It became clear to me that everything had just been in my head. I realised that I had wasted so much brain power disliking myself for no real reason. I’d also wasted a lot of time just waiting to have this operation that I thought would change my life.

I became aware of where all these pressures to “look good” had come from. I started to see how the media, my peers, and my family had shaped my view of myself. But what was my opinion and what did I think of myself?

At this time in my life I was studying journalism and working in the media. I started to do lots of my own research into body confidence, body positivity, body neutrality etc. I turned my back on diet culture and pressures from the beauty industry. I started working on myself and building my own body confidence.

Fast forward seven years, I’d moved my curvy self to Paris and was working in a fancy job as an International Social Media Consultant. I loved my personal life, but my work life was overwhelming, and I knew that I needed to change career. I decided to retrain as a life coach and started my diploma. I stopped working in my old field and started a business as an expat coach (I’ve lived in Ireland, the US, Italy, and France). After some time, I realised that all my clients were coming to be about body confidence issues. My coaching started to naturally keep moving in the direction of body confidence and I eventually decided that it was time to accept what I was born to do. 

Now I coach people all over the world to accept their bodies. My goal is to help as many people as possible to discover the freedom of body acceptance and benefit from the confidence that comes along with it.