Body Confidence Coaching

Body confidence is the key to transforming your relationship with yourself and being empowered to live a life that you love. I’m Cliona Byrne and I coach women like you to start your body confidence journey and unleash your inner badass.

Let’s put our focus on you. Maybe you want to accept the way you look or perhaps you want to feel like Beyoncé or Lizzo. Either way, you don’t know where to start. But lucky for you, that’s where I come in.

Why body confidence coaching?

I believe that every woman deserves the freedom of knowing that their worth is not defined by their appearance. You may not realise this but you’re worthy and beautiful. Also, your relationship with your body affects every part of your life including your career and friendships. Through coaching you will discover the art of loving yourself, being your own best friend, and knowing that your opinion of yourself is all that matters.

What can you achieve from coaching?

Say Hello to…

  • Feeling good as hell
  • Being your own bestfriend
  • Self-care that makes you feel amazing
  • Having more money in your pocket (Goodbye expensive fads)
  • Accepting and even loving your appearance
  • Focusing on the positives in your life and feeling gratitude
  • Having the confidence to do what you want. Say yaass to the beach, traveling, and going out
  • Being liberated and knowing that you can wear and do whatever you want!

Say goodbye to…

  • Hating what you see in the mirror
  • Doing gimmicks that make you feel like crap and leave you with empty pockets
  • Covering up in front of partners
  • Negative self talk
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Looking at social media feeds that make you feel like shit
  • Putting your life on hold while you wait to look the right way or be the perfect size
  • Feeling like you want to cry when trying on clothes

What I’m all about…

I get it, I understand it, I haven’t been immune to it. I used to agonise over my appearance. I was too fat, I had a crooked face thanks to my unique side bite, and my baggy clothes sat awkwardly on me. I convinced myself that if I lost the weight and when I got my jaw realigned that all my problems would go away. So then I lost the weight and had the surgery…

And guess what….

It didn’t make a damn difference because my lack of self-belief was the problem. (Although, don’t get me wrong, I was delighted to get my jaw fixed for not aesthetic reasons). That’s when I woke up and decided to change my life. I stopped investing in diets and gimmicks and started investing in myself instead. I unfollowed all the social media pages that made me feel crap. I became my own bestfriend and began to love myself. And I can tell you something, I’m now my favourite F word… FIERCE!

I’ve spent my life seeing women I know and love, tear themselves apart over their appearances and weight. This pain needs to end. Many of use a huge amount of our headspace worrying about how we look. I want to change that and pay forward what I’ve learned. My coaching will help you to let go of the pain and to use your time and energy on what’s important to you.